Curt Jurgens as Carl Stromberg

Carl Stromberg was the villain in The Spy Who Loved Me.   His love for the ocean and anger toward the way society had progressed, motivated him to mass destruction.  Capturing two nuclear submarines and using the nuclear bombs onboard, Stromberg was going to blow up New York and Moscow.  While watching in his underwater headquarters of Atlantis.

Michael Lonsdale as Hugo Drax


Taking Carl Stromberg's plan of a super race underwater, Drax set his sites to new heights.  In the film Moonraker, Drax was to create a world of only the perfect specimens.  Being a millionaire and the owner of the Moonraker space shuttles it was easy for him to do this.  However that didn't stop Bond.


Julian Glover as Harris Kristatos

In For Your Eyes Only, Harris Kristatos was both a smuggler and a hero.  He earned a medal during the war and also stole the ATAC tracking systems to sell the the head of the KGB.  Also he used Bond to try and kill his competitor, Columbo.

Louis Jourdan as Kamal Kahn
Working for the jewelry smuggler Octopussy, Kamal is also double crossing her.  He used stolen Russian jewelry and a nuclear bomb to help the Soviet Union regain power.

Max VonSydow as
Ernst Stavro Blofeld
It was believed that Bond eliminated Blofeld in For Your Eyes Only.  Kevin McClory didn't appreciate that.  So in Never Say Never Again, McClory brought back Blofeld in the form of Max VonSydow.  Like in Thunderball, Blofeld/SPECTRE captured two nuclear missiles and held them for ransom.  However Blofeld has de ranked himself from Number 1 to...well um Number 0.

Christopher Walken as Max Zorin
In A View To A Kill, Max Zorin played a KGB psychopath who's dream was to monopolize the microchip industry.  To do these required the rather large task of destroying Silicon Valley.  Zorin also is interested in house races and house steroids.

Joe Don Baker as Brad Whittaker
Brad Whittaker was an illegal arms dealer in The Living Daylights.  His attempts to use Soviet money to buy opium.  He also tried to have 007 kill the suspicious Russian head of secret operations.

Robert Davi as Franz Sanchez
Franz Sanchez  is an international drug lord in License To Kill.  His job mainly smuggles illegal drugs into other countries.  He gets captured in the beginning but one of Felix Leithers friends is bought out and helps Sanchez escape.  Later Felix gets his leg chewed off by a shark and Bond goes to get his revenge. 

Sean Bean as Alec Trevelyan
Alec Trevelyan, AKA "006" was bonds partner in the movie Goldeneye.  Turing to a life of crime Alec was to get revenge on the British government.  His scheme was to rob the bank of London then blast it with the stolen Goldeneye Satellite.

Jonathon Pryce as Elliot Carver
The villain in Tomorrow Never Dies was Elliot Carver.   Carver had the ability to topple governments with a single news story.  His greatest scheme of all is to start WWIII and gain media coverage around the world.


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