Joseph Wiseman as Dr Julius No

Our first villain appeared in Dr. No.  Dr. No was cold-calculating Doctor with a plan to dominate the world.  His plan used USA space ships which he controlled from his Jamaican island.  Dr. No was half Chinese and half German and metal fingers took the place of where real ones once were.

Robert Shaw as Red Grant

Red Grant was more like a henchmen in From Russia With Love.  However because Blofeld was not scene very much, he was considered the villain.  Grant's jobs was to kill bond and deliver the Lecktor. 

Gert Frobe as Auric Goldfinger

Another well known villain was Auric Goldfinger.  Goldfinger was in love with gold and therefore always tried to get the most out of it.  His plan was to detonate a nuclear bomb inside Fort Knox.  This would makes his gold worth 10 times as much.  He also hates to lose in any game and even resorts to cheating.

Adolfo Celi as Emilio Largo

Emilio Largo was SPECTRE agent #2 and the 2nd best agent of them all.  Largo was responsible for the blackmail of NATO in Thunderball.   Using two stolen nuclear missiles, largo help motivate England and the US to pay the ransom.  Largo also has a love for sharks and boating.  Also well as human torture.

Donald Pleasence as
Ernst Stavro Blofeld

It was only in You Only Live Twice which we got to see blofelds face.  Donald Pleasence played blofeld.  Blofelds plan was to capture american and soviet union space vehicles and use them motivate the start of WWIII.

Telly Savalas as
Ernst Stavro Blofeld

In On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Ernst Stavro Blofeld is at it again.  This time he wants to spread his deadly bacteria around the world unless a ransom is paid.  Also Bond and Blofeld do not recognize each other despite the fact they met face to face in You Only Live Twice.  It follows the book version where Bond and Blofeld meet for the first time.

Charles Grey as
Ernst Stavro Blofeld

In Diamonds Are Forever, Sean Connery came back and so did Blofeld.  This time Blofeld is living a double life and during that time constructing a powerful laser which can exploded an explosive devices.  This time Blofeld can walk again despite his back injury in On Her Majesties Secret Service and then is stuck in a wheelchair again in For Your Eyes Only.  Also Blofeld must have had hair transplants.

Yaphet Kotto as
Kananga/Mr. Big

In Live and Let Die, the villain actually pretended to be two different people.  Being both Mr. Big and Kananga who wanted to flood the heroin market and totally monopolize it.  Using a hidden heroine field and the threat of voodoo, Kananga thinks he has everything taken care of.

Christopher Lee as
Fransisco Scaramanga

Probably one of the best villains of them all, Fransisco Scaramanga was know plainly as The Man With The Golden Gun.  His dream was to monopolize solar power.  He foolishly challenges bond to a duel, and of course loses. 

"Christopher Lee is Ian Fleming's cousin."


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