CIA-Jack Wade
Joe Don Baker

Because Leiter is unable to assist Bond, Jack Wade was assigned to help Bond.  Jack Wade befriends Bond in Goldeneye.  The two develop a good relationship.  If you are wondering why Wade looks so familiar is because he appeared as another character in The Living Daylights.  He was the character Whitaker.


John Kitzmuller

Quarrel was the first ally in the James Bond series.  He met Bond in Jamaica and took him to Crab Key.  Quarrel was later killed by Dr. No's tank.

Ali Karem Bey
Pedro Armendariz

Ali Karem Bey was Bond's ally during his mission is Istanbul.  Bond benefited from his connections to help him along in his mission.  Ali and Bond were good friends, but sadly he was killed on the Orient Express.

Dikko Henderson
Charles Gray

Dikko Henderson had a brief part in You Only Live Twice.   Killed by one of Blofeld's henchmen, he later appeared as the character of Blofeld.

Sheriff JW Pepper
Clifton James

JW Pepper is a hick sheriff from Louisiana. Pepper first met Bond in Live and Let Die.  He was brought back for the film The Man With The Golden Gun.   Pepper and Bond partner up for a shot time during a car chase.

Tiger Tanaka
Tetsuro Tamba

Tiger is the head of Japan's Secret Service.  He helps Bond find two hijacked space ships.  Tiger helps Bond by arranging a fake marriage, training him to be a ninja and giving him "his first civilized bath."

Willard Whyte
Jimmy Dean

Willard Whyte is a multi-millionaire and owner of his own casino The Whyte House.  Whyte is hiding out for the first part of the movie.  It is only after Bond finds him then the real plot of Blofeld's plan is exposed.

Chaim Topol

Originally targeted by Bond, Columbo joins forces with Bond in For Your Eyes Only. He helps Bond find Kristatos who is trying to steal ATAC.

Vijay Armitrav

Vijay is Bonds connection in Octopussy.  Vijay tells Bond about Octopussy and help him get to Octopussy's island.  He is unfortunately killed.

Patrick Macnee

Tibbett is Bond contact in A View To A Kill.  The two discover what plans Zorin is up to.  However like so many of Bonds contacts Tibbett dies.

Thomas Wheatley

He assist Bond briefly in the beginning of The Living Daylights.   Not much more than that.


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