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The Friends of James Bond

Bernard Lee

The head of MI6 was M.  Me was the only person James Bond answers too.  Commonly scene smoking a pipe, M would give 007 his missions.   There have been three characters to Play M.  The first was Bernard Lee who played M until he died in 1981.  He was M from Dr. No-Moonraker.   He was replaced by Robert Brown in OctopussyFor Your Eyes Only didn't feature M.  The producers decided to respect Lee by not replacing him right away.  

Robert Brown

In Octopussy a new M took over. Robert Brown was the second M and a good one at that.  Originally Robert Brown appeared in The Spy Who Loved Me, but not as M.  The relation ship between Bond and M had both its up's and down's.  However things turned really bad when 007 pushed M to far in License To KillRobert Brown retired in 1995.   Judi Dench replace Robert Brown.

Judi Dench

Judi Dench took over MI6 in 1995.  This new M does not care for Bond's attitude toward his mission.  She doesn't take any crap from Bond or MI6 employees.  Even though some people think that "she doesn't have the balls for the job".  She does however think very highly of Bond.

Ms. Moneypenny
Lois Maxwell


Ms Moneypenny is M's personal secretary.  She is very nosey about meetings between M and Bond.  Moneypenny has an  desire for James Bond despite the fact that he has been with many women.  Lois Maxwell played Moneypenny in 14 Bond films, however he total on screen time is under and hour.

Ms. Moneypenny
Caroline Bliss

When Timothy Dalton took the role of James Bond the producers decided it was time for a changed in Moneypenny.  Lois Maxwell was getting a bit old for the roll of Moneypenny so Caroline Bliss was there choice.   The new Moneypenny was presented a smarter more intelligent Moneypenny.   However the change did not go well with audiences.

Ms. Moneypenny
Samantha Bond

A new Bond and a new Moneypenny, in fact a new cast.  This Moneypenny is a bit different then the other characters before her.  She doesn't seam to have the same attraction to James Bond.  Also the new Moneypenny is moving on.  She has been on a date and talked to 007 about sexually harassment.  Though she is wit and charming like Lois Maxwell's Moneypenny. 

"Major Boothroyd"
Peter Burton

The first Q was not Desmond Llewelyn, but Peter Burton.  This Q was referred to as Major Boothroyd by M and was responsible for the amorie department at MI6.  He only appeared in one movie Dr. No, but did give 007 his trademark Wealther PPK.

Desmond Llewelyn

The character of Q only existed only as the armoire in Fleming's books.   However a clever scriptwriter turned this character into the gadget man.   Desmond Llewelyn has played Major Boothroyd AKA "Q" ever since 1963.   Only missing a few movies Q has become 007 savior in more than on occasion.   His whacked out gadgets included a cigar shaped breath tube, exploding briefcase and 10 in 1 phone.  Q also designed hi tech futuristic cars and watches which saved bonds life many times.  The relationship between Bond and Q started out serious, however as the years gone by the two started a kind of comical relationship.  Q being mad that 007 never returns his equipment.

Q "Algy"-1983
Alec McCowen

After years the character of Q has belonged to one person.  However when Kevin McClory couldn't get his hands on Desmond Llewelyn, he needed someone else.  Alec McCowen was his choice and only appeared in one James Bond movie.  In Never Say Never Again, McCowen attempted to be like the character Desmond Llewelyn had portrayed.  Though McCowen did a pretty good job, no one can take the place of Desmond Llewelyn.

Head of KGB
General Gogol
Walter Gotell

General Anatol Gogol was the head of the KGB.  Gogol started in the Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me.  Gogol and M wanted Anglo-Soviet cooperation.  At times Golgo would work with MI6 when he and agent Triple-X shared the microfilm.  However he worked against MI6 in a race to get the ATAC decoding device in For Your Eyes Only.  In 1985 Gogol awarded Bond a metal at the end of A View To A Kill.  He retired in 1987 from the KGB and began work on civil services. 

CIA-Felix Leiter

On character who has changed more times then 007 himself was Felix Leiter.   Leiter is the head of CIA and James Bonds closest friend.  Felix has helped James Bond on many missions, until his accident takes him out of service.


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